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1. Priority will be given to the potential impact and the number of people who will benefit.

2. Priority will be given to programs representing innovative, efficient approaches to serving community needs.

3. Priority will be given to requests which will assist those citizens whose needs are not met by existing programs or services.

4. Priority will be given to those organizations who work cooperatively with other agencies in the community to encourage efficient use of community resources and elimination of duplicated services.

5. Priority will be given to projects which promote volunteer participation and citizen involvement.

6. Priority will be given to projects and activities that expect to test or demonstrate new approaches and techniques in the solutions of community problems.

7. Except in unusual circumstances, the largest contribution made will be $2,500 with most of the contributions in smaller amounts.

8. Contributions will usually not be made to capital campaigns to establish or add to endowment funds, general operating budgets of existing organizations, publications of books or programs, conferences, or annual fund raising campaigns.

9. Contributions will not normally be made to supplant tax funds for projects or activities that would ordinarily receive public support.

10. Contributions will be made for one year at a time with no commitment for ongoing projects.

11. Special projects that are sponsored by educational or religious institutions will be considered only if they benefit the community as a whole.

12. Careful consideration will be given to the commitment and composition of the requesting organization's board, officers, and project leaders. The organization must be able to show that they have the fiscal responsibility, management qualifications and the ability to complete, deliver or provide the services or programs for which the contribution is requested.

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